miércoles, 2 de febrero de 2011

Mckay's last soccer game from November

I'm a little late posting Mckay's last soccer game in November (he's #7). He started the season off a little shy but then we promised a "surprise treat" after playing each game to help persuade him to play. That was the trick! This was their last game and my head was still in Utah thinking it would be cold so I dressed Mckay in sweats with his shin guards underneath. Well, he was the only one in sweats and wasn't happy about it. His last few games he scored a lot of goals. He scored 5 goals in this game!! We were so proud of him!! The best goal was the first one in this game when he went from one end to the other in the middle of everyone. He was so excited and ran over to give us a big hug, then ran around and gave everyone high fives. It was awesome! The best part was we recorded everything...or did we? Well, Brian was so excited he forgot to record it. Luckily, Mckay scored four more goals to record. He was the best on his team. They won this game 7-3. The season was a lot of fun. JJ enjoyed cheering on his brother during games and played with him during practices. He was even better than some of the kids on the team:) The biggest distraction for both Mckay and JJ were any pets brought to the game. They would rather pet dogs than play soccer. My boys are getting so big!! We have so much fun with them!

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