domingo, 21 de diciembre de 2008

Visit with Santa

Mckay was a little shy at first but then quickly warmed up to Santa after a few hi fives. Checho (Santa's little helper) hooked us up with a great deal for working there - FREE! Mckay just wanted to look at Santa at first but didn't want to sit with him. Then, after the real photos were taken, Mckay kept going back to talk to Santa by himself as we were deciding on the photos. Mckay kept saying "Hi Santa, Hi Santa". It wasn't too busy so Santa was able to talk with Mckay for a while. Santa was awesome!! Mckay jumped up on his lap to get a candy cane and became best friends with Santa. As we were leaving Mckay kept saying, "Bye Santa, Bye Santa" as we walked away.

Goose Hunting

Brian shot his first goose last week. He had a blast! He went out with our good friend, Patrick up in Layton, UT. The goose had a leg and a neck band. For those that don't know, Brian explained to me that the leg band is rare to find on a goose or a duck and is like a trophy to hunters when they shoot a bird with a band. The band is to track the migration of the birds throughout the world. The neck band is almost unheard of and is something really, really rare. Brian was both surpised and excited to come home with this goose.