domingo, 27 de enero de 2008

Time with the family

We went and visited our family in Chile this January. We had an amazing time there!!! We were there for a total of 17 days. Mckay was in heaven. It was sad to leave the nice weather and come back to the cold. Here are the pictures of the many things we did. It was so great to see everyone again. We miss them so much already.

This is our family picture. From left to right is Brian, Mckay and Betsy, then Robinson and Margarita (Betsy's mom and dad), then Hosman, Karina, Javiera, Fernanda and Valentina (Betsy's brother and his family), then Tata Raul and Mamita Carmen (Betsy's grandparents), and finally Tomas (Betsy's younger brother) and his friend (not his girlfriend for those single ladies interested and waiting for him to come to Utah).

Here is Mckay with his cousins, Titi, Javi, and Ferni.
Mckay with his grandma and grandpa.

Mckay ate and ate and ate. He especially loved the fruit!

Ferni let Mckay try some of her ice cream but he refused to give it back.
The three of us with Betsy's other grandma.
Mckay loves playing in the water.

Titi and Mckay playing in the pool.
Mckay got soaked playing in the water. He then started spraying everyone else.
Pastel de Choclo
Las tres hermosas!!
Mckay and his Tata.
Mckay is really independent and prefers to feed himself.
Here he stuffed cookies and ice cream in his mouth before anyone could stop him.
Tio Hosman playing hide and seek with Brian and Mckay.
Valentina loved to push Mckay around in his stroller.