sábado, 1 de noviembre de 2008

Halloween Fun

Halloween was full of excitement! I dressed up as a BYU football player, Brian was my referree, Mckay was a monkey, and JJ was a cute little frog. We started off with a Trunk or Treat at the women's shelter here in Provo. About 20 cars from our ward filled the parking lot at the women's shelter (it is hidden from the street, locked in with a gated door and very secure). It was a great experience to serve and help give these kids the same opportunity as others. Mckay went around collecting candy as well, that is until he found a football and wouldn't let it go. He forgot all about the candy after that. The kids really seemed to like it and a lot of people showed up from our ward making it that much better for all.

Afterwards we went Trick or Treating here in our neighborhood. With the first few doors Mckay was kind of confused and walked into the people's living room when they opened the door. On all of the houses that presented him with candy in a bowl, Mckay would carefully choose a candy and place it in his bag, one after another, until we stopped him. He wanted as much candy as he could get from each house. His favorite candy is a sucker. Whenever he had the chance to choose, he would dig through the bowl looking for a sucker. Sometimes he would pull out two or three. We had so much fun since Mckay really understood Halloween this year. He would make the "ooh, ooh, eeh, eeh" noises like a monkey and scratch his head whenever the people asked. He wanted to get JJ involved as well and helped push the stroller around the neighborhood. He does a good job at being the big brother. By the time we circled around the neighborhood, JJ was asleep and Mckay was poopedand ready for bed, even though he wanted to keep going. We came home, gave Mckay a bath and he was ready for bed. We all had a great time!!

martes, 28 de octubre de 2008