domingo, 14 de septiembre de 2008


Brian and I went to the BYU vs UCLA football game on Saturday. It was so much fun!! We stopped by to tailgate with Kristin and Bjorn before the game. The game was great! It was pretty much over by half time (BYU was winning 42-0). All of the starters for BYU were taken out right after the half and we still kept making touchdowns. BYU ended up winning 59-0 (I got tired of slapping everyone's hands with so many touchdowns!). After half time we sat down on the second row behind the UCLA bench with Brian's friends. Brian and his friends gave the UCLA players a hard time the whole second half of the game. It was pretty funny! We had a really good time, especially since we beat UCLA so bad.

Right before the BYU players came running out at the beginning of the game they played this video on both screens for everyone to watch (Cougar versus Bruin). It was pretty cool and really got the crowd fired up.

(Right before the extra point on the last TD scored with 38 seconds left in the 3rd quarter)

Checho and Mandi watched Mckay for us while we were at the game. We came back to find Mckay enjoying the day, riding on his tricycle with Mandi. Checho decided he needed a new hair style for the day and gave Mckay a new look. Mckay thought it was pretty cool. After a few weird looks at Costco, I decided to change his style back to normal.
Here is Mckay's normal style. I cut his hair on Friday. Brian explained to me that he is the barber of the family for the boys because now Mckay's haircut looks like Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber. We comb it to the side so that it doesn't look like this. I don't think it turned out too bad.